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May 15, 2024, 10:09 am

Here are four iconic Colombian destinations and insight into their history and uniqueness to celebrate Colombia's bio-diversity.

Lost City (Ciudad Perdida)

The Lost City, or Ciudad Perdida in Spanish, is an ancient historic village located in Colombia's Magdalena Department, close to Tayrona National Park and the Caribbean coastal city of Santa Marta. The Lost City was built around 800CE, which is 650 years before its Peruvian counterpart Machu Picchu. The city was discovered in 1972 by treasure looters and is still a sacred place for indigenous communities such as the Arhuaco, Koguis and Wiwas peoples. Hiking tours with expert guides take you through the beautiful scenery to reach The Lost City.

Caño Cristales

Caño Cristales, or “The River of 5 Colours” and “The Most Beautiful River in the World,” is located within the Macarena National Park in the Meta Department. This 100 kilometre (62 mile) stretch of river can be reached from the local town by a short boat trip. The river has a number of beautiful waterfalls and natural swimming pools, where you can get a closer look at the bright reds, blues, yellows, blacks and greens that make up this vibrant river. The river is best viewed between July and late November, after the rainy season when the water is flowing.

Coffee Triangle

One of Colombia's biggest exports and most popular products is coffee, which is grown endlessly in the Quindio, Risaralda, Caldas and part of the Valle del Cauca departments of Colombia. The landscapes are endless, breathtaking, mountainous and full of green colours in this region. Valle de Cocora, located in Los Nevados National Park, is a vast valley containing Colombia's national tree – the Wax Palm, or Palmas de Cera; these gigantically tall trees cover the valley.

The coffee triangle offers individuals the chance to participate in tours of coffee farms and plantations, and discover the science and secrets behind the coffee, find out how it's grown and sample fresh locally grown coffee. Salento is a small community town located deep within the coffee triangle; the biggest source of income in this colourful colonial town are coffee products, artisanal handmade goods and tours.

Walled City of Cartagena

Cartagena was one of the most important ports in the Americas during the Spanish era. The city was prone to pirate and invader attacks, so a wall was built around it to protect its people and riches. Today, most of the wall still stands and separates the old city from the new modern hotel blocks. Within the Walled City, there are many of Cartagena's famous colonial Spanish-style colourful buildings. The Walled City has made Cartagena a major tourist attraction on Colombia's Caribbean coast, with people from all over the world visiting to stand in awe of the wall and the unique city it encloses.

Of course, Colombia has more to offer than just these four landmarks. The destinations mentioned above are just starting points in what you can discover in this country, which is full of unique culture and breathtaking views.

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Nidia Penagos

Nidia Penagos

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